Introduction to AbuseSA Visualizations

Botnet Activity Visualization

DNS Repair Visualization

Video: Mr. Dan Kaminsky asked us to do a visualization from his DoxPara Research data. See how the world is patching their servers.

Collab - Synthesis of Results

Clarified Analyzer

Kaminsky DNS view


Video: Earth view lets you work with your traffic based on geographical information.

Collaborative Malware Analysis

Video: See how Analyzer lets you collaborate with your colleagues.

Topology View

Video: Clarified Analyzer Topology view in action. See how Clarified Analyzer integrates your network documentation and traffic. Discover also how simple it is to filter traffic visually.

Topology NG on Malware

Video: See how you can create a malware topology to ease your analysis and visually share your findings with others. Furthermore, use topology view to visually select only the packets from the hosts you are interested.

Botnet Analysis

Video: Discover the social networks in IRC. This video demonstrates the power of Clarified Analyzer's packet based analysis combined with visualisations.

Video: Jani demonstrates how cookie licensing works.

Topology View

Video: Up to date network documentation. Say what? Topology view is the answer. Forget the border between the documentation and network analysis. Take the next step from simple diagram import/export with Clarified Network

Flow view

Video: Discover the social networks of networks. Flow view provides quick overview of whois talking to who.

Export packets to third party tools

Video: We don't like borders. Export packets to your favourite third party packet cruncher. Duty free.

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