Traffic audits with Clarified Analyzer

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Your webinar host,
Jani Kenttälä

This webinar will demonstrate in practice how you are able to quickly understand your client's infrastructure and find issues that might have been missed with traditional analyzers and scanners. With Clarified Analyzer you are equipped record samples from your client's network to find traffic flows that your client was not even aware of. You are able to discover for example access control leaks, misconfigured hosts and undocumented proxy devices for your client. With its simple drill-down features you can feed your client with valuable details about the found problems. Easy collaboration features will enable you to collaborate with your colleagues to tackle event the most complex cases you might find of. With Clarified Analyzer, you have a new edge compared your competitors: you have an extremely cost-effective way to passively discover details that your competitors can not find.

Clarified Analyzer is brought to you by a bunch of technical people who have a long experience in auditing and problem solving of complex networks. As we are familiar with the pitfalls of traditional tools and audit approaches, we are confident that we can bring you a great supplement to your toolbox. We have put our knowledge and heart in this product. It has helped both us and our customers a lot in making IT simpler. We hope that you are able to reserve 45 minutes of your time to see how it can help you!

Webinar one: 2009-03-25 17:00 EET

Webinar two 2009-03-27 10:00 EET