Clarified Traffic Audit - services to help you with your complex information networks

Traffic audit will help you to see access control leaks, misconfigured hosts and actual traffic profiles. We document your network and verify that your security policies are implemented in practice. With our collaboration tools your documentation stays up-to-date. Through our recommendations you will be able simplify your network by removing and closing unnecessary services and protocols. In addition to increased security your network will work more efficiently which will dramatically reduce your costs to maintain and operate your new simpler and safer network.

Clarified Traffic Audit

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Policy and practice have drifted apart in modern complex networks. We bring them back together by observing your network traffic with our revolutionary tools. We can help you with network related fact finding, network discovery, and documentation. We can identify your weak spots before they cascade to costly reactive troubleshooting.


Picture: Today's reality: There are tremendous amounts of traffic flows between internal and external networks. These flows need to be understood for balanced risk assessment decisions.


  • Automatic traffic flow reporting to your collaboration environment (provided by us).
  • We expose issues that are potentially reducing your network performance.
  • Instructions about how to remove potential hick-ups and unnecessary complexity.
  • An automated process to track fixes and keep baseline documentation up to date.
  • We don't just quit working with you after the report, we will see to it that you will get network appliance vendor fixes and changes to your network done without hassle.


  • Reduce response times in troubleshooting by clarifying the traffic flows.
  • Increase system performance by removing needless traffic.
  • Eliminate potential vulnerabilities by removing unnecessary protocols.
  • Discover violations in Access Control.
  • Document, or eliminate ad hoc workarounds that bypass security policies.
  • Find hosts and protocols which do not conform to organisation policy.

Reasons to Buy this Product

  • You are developing or have developed a new system and want extra help in evaluating the network security.
  • You are upgrading a system and want to evaluate suitability, interoperability and security.
  • You want to clean your existing network annually from hosts and protocols that violate organisation policy to increase security and boost performance.
  • You want to prioritise your system's interfaces so that you can make good decisions on what parts of the system need to be tested thoroughly.

Example Workflow

  • We will familiriaze ourselves with Your environment:

  • We will incorporate Your network documentation to Collab environment

  • We will design and implement the measurements with You

  • We will utilise Clarified Analyzer in finding the traffic which violates Your organisation policy

  • We will analyse and report found issues to the Collab environment

  • We will debrief you on findings

  • We will provide you an environment from where You can monitor the progress of repairs

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