Traffic Audit Collab

The more you know about the target environment the better your investment plan will be. You can combine environment mapping services such as Clarified Networks Traffic Audit Collab bundle in order to give your investment project a kick-start. Furthermore, your documentation is not buried after the project. Instead it will always be easily accessible in a centralised and easily accessible repository. Since the backend is based on Wiki-technology you will have the full revision history at your disposal any time

The days when simple port and vulnerability scanning was enough are over. The 90's approach to security was to add cryptography and access control to the network. But as critical business applications became more tightly integrated into the Internet, it also exposed the network systems directly or indirectly to external threats.

Firewalls, VPN's and other traffic control systems are given the impossible task of filtering the traffic, but for a balanced quality and security assessments, understanding all traffic flows is essential. With Traffic Audit Collab, we help our clients harden their networks by reducing complexity. (Link to Traffic Audit Collab)