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This describes our collab offering in a nutshell:

Clarified Traffic Audit Traffic audit will help you to see access control leaks, misconfigured hosts and actual traffic profiles. We document your network and verify that your security policies are implemented in practice. With our collaboration tools your documentation stays up-to-date. Through our recommendations you will be able simplify your network by removing and closing unnecessary services and protocols. In addition to increased security your network will work more efficiently which will dramatically reduce your costs to maintain and operate your new simpler and safer network.
Clarified Troubleshooting When trouble hits your network, it may take days or even weeks to get on top of things again. At Clarified we have been helping our customers to be able to quickly identify and amend unexpected problems with their setups. With our Trouble Shooting Collab we introduce a whole new way to systematically troubleshoot and report network issues. We integrate your fragmented knowledge bases and keep it up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible to all relevant parties. We will keep you armed and ready for any problems that can arise in the future, and more importantly keep you in control of your network.
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All of our Collab Product packages also consist of:

We also offer Customised Bundles for the larger, or more demanding enterprises. Our platforms and tools have the adaptibility of being white label products and you have the flexibility of our Clarified experts personally developing a system based around your needs. If this interests you, please contact us!