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Visa, MasterCard In Security Hot Seat logo.png The House of Representative's Committee on Homeland Security took aim at a more accessible target: credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard (nyse: MA - news - people ), which are responsible for creating and enforcing the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards that failed to prevent those breaches. "But I do want to dispel the myth once and for all that PCI compliance is enough to keep a company secure. It is not." link
Cisco ASA logo.png Easy packet captures straight from the Cisco ASA firewall. Whether you are troubleshooting a difficult problem or chasing some interesting traffic, sometimes you need to pull a packet capture. Of course, you could configure and deploy a sniffer, but that is not the only solution you have at your fingertips. You can pull the packet capture directly from the Cisco ASA firewall. The Cisco ASA makes this an easy process. Read the article, Read about the product
Hostmap logo.png hostmap is a free, automatic, hostnames and virtual hosts discovery tool written in Ruby. link
Security is not Just About Blocking [ATTACH] Security Is Not Just About Blocking. That’s So Last Year. Collaboration Is The New Black. link
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