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Product Packages

We have tailor-made collab product packages, that bundle together all the needed expertise for any IP network. They include our expert tools, consultation, managed service and infrastructure.

Traffic Audit Collab

  • A turnkey solution for assessing the security of traffic flows in complex networks and with our help you will get a balanced and down-to-earth security analysis which is based on the actual traffic of your environment. It will also give you the tools to be more systematic about network management and reduce respond times in troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Collab

  • When trouble hits your network, there is no canned answer. When you face the unexpected, it may take days or even weeks to get on top of things again. At Clarified we have been helping our customers to quickly identify and amend unexpected problems with their setups. With this tailored package we bring systematic methods to trouble shooting and reporting.