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Clarified Networks Visualizes Dan Kaminsky's DNS Repair Project for Black Hat


2008-08-07, Oulu, FINLAND

Dan Kaminsky revealed in early July that he had discovered a serious flaw in the DNS protocol which dramatically affected the Internet's core infrastructure. The vulnerability affects how internet addresses are managed, which leaves room for hackers to reroute internet users to fake websites.

Since this discovery Dan has orchestrated a joint effort to patch things up with the major vendors. He kept tightlipped about the details until the Black Hat conference on July 6th, where he finally put forward how he found the flaws and what has been done to fix it. Clarified Networks assisted Mr. Kaminsky in the visualization of his DNS patching project and the animation opened his very much anticipated presentation for a full house at the Black Hat Convention in Las Vegas. The visualizations illustrate the success of Kaminsky's work; recapping the process of the repair, how it progressed over time and how people responded worldwide.

Clarified Networks' CTO Jani Kenttälä approached Dan Kaminsky regarding their visualizations, Mr Kaminsky liked what he saw and requested a visualization specific to this project. They combined Clarified Networks' visualizations with a huge amount of data collected by ?DoxPara Research and produced different versions of the animation for Black Hat conference viewers. "The end result is very impressive", comments Jyrki Huhta the CEO of Clarified Networks. '

Jani Kenttälä also commented about the project that, "This video gives security researches valuable input on the vulnerability process. Researchers can for example see how the world reacts on private and public vulnerability announcements. This was an extremely interesting project because I used to work for a security research group called OUSPG (Oulu University Secure Programming Group) myself, so seeing this with my own eyes is very interesting"

For More Information

Jani Kenttälä, CTO
Clarified Networks Oy
+358 45 122 4601

About Clarified Networks

Clarified Networks is a company that specializes in Collaborative Network Analysis. They develop tools and services to provide clear and effective way for Traffic Auditing, Troubleshooting and Collaborative Malware Analysis. Clarified Networks has been working commercially since 2006. The development of their tools began in 2002 with the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG), which then led to the establishment of Clarified Networks as a commercial company.