Logster is out in the wild, and now we have to really start advertising it. But wouldn't it be interesting to actually see how the word gets out? Therefore we have devised The Great Logster Social Experiment (or ThGrLoSoEx as we affectionately call it).

The idea is to phase our advertising efforts. Instead of going all-out straight away, we'll start out small, just informing our immediate social circle. Then, week after week we'll bring out bigger and bigger guns by blogging, contacting the media etc. The phases will be something like the ones listed below. Naturally we have take the freedom the deviate a bit from this plan along the way, but here it is:

The experiment started at 2009-04-22.

Along the way we intend to visualize the web traffic for Logster with Logster (doesn't that blow your mind) and put the results up for everyone to see. You know, actually see how the word-of-mouth spreads.

Why not? We have nothing to hide.

First visualization from pre-kickoff and kickoff:

Stay tuned, we'll be blogging on how this thing works out. Because we're hip like that.