Clarified Logster is our first foray into creating an ultra easy precision tool for visualizing your data - in this case, Apache-style access logs.

By taking the code behind the now-famous Kaminsky DNS repair and F-Secure botnet IRC join visualizations and tuning it further we have managed to create something really cool and simple:

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Product Description Price (EUR) Price w/VAT (EUR) Purchase the license
Logster annual license With this license you may use forever the most current full Logster version, as well as all new Logster releases made within 365 days of the purchase. We wanted to provide this affordable option for the occasional visualization needs of home and small business users. 50 61.50
Logster perpetual license With this license you may use forever the full version of the current and future releases of Logster. This license is the way to go for heavy-duty business users who want to avoid yearly hassle with renewal payments and to guarantee that they will always have access to latest and most effective version of our log visualisation tool. 250 307.50
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Contact us at contact@clarifiednetworks.com for customization projects for your specific needs (custom log formats etc.)

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