Collaborative Security Audits: Tools and Workflows

I will walk you through how we at Clarified Networks and Codenomicon have made our clients happy and excited by using collaborative tools and workflows to deliver security audits. Through the collaboration you will gain improved situational awareness and novel ways to discover hidden risks through synthesis of the results from different tools. Instead of delivering dead documents to your client you are able to offer them so much more. I will use Clarified Analyzer to demonstrate the methodology. During the demonstration you will see also a new way to audit customers IP-networks.


Jani Kenttälä/jani2.png

Jani is a foster-child of a famous security research group called OUSPG. He has been working with the security of IP networks since 1997. In 2002 he found his nemesis - the overwhelming complexity of modern networks. Instead of falling into despair he co-founded Clarified Networks where he developed and delivered tools and services to help his clients in the battle for clarity. By 2009 the fight against complexity was well on track and it was time for Jani to pick a new challenge. As Internet abuse had grown to a massive scale, Clarified Networks and Codenomicon decided to join their forces to help Internet superheroes to protect critical infrastructure and the Internet. Ever since Jani has been working with national CERT teams, cyber defense organizations and critical infrastructure providers to collaboratively defend themselves from the Internet malice.

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