Clarified Enmapper

A tool for visualizing nmap data. Approach is to build a reusable recursive visualization infrastructure reusable in other projects.

Captain's Log, Star Date 1

-- slougi 2009-06-23 10:43:13

First tool discussions today. Talked for several hours of possible approaches. Recycle old container thinking with a completely generic approach - in this instance used to visualize host and ip data. Everything in the UI is a container, some containers can define special handling for layout and as to what kind of data they accept. Possible to create for example "smart folders" that can select data according to some criteria; for example a specific IP address range or regex in this case. Every container can represent data, or hold other containers, or be a top-level container, or any combination thereof. It is important that several containers can represent the same data on the same canvas - this makes it possible to build hierarchies in parallel that visualize the same data.

-- slougi 2009-06-23 12:46:42

Created a git repo at gitorious: This will allow us to better model the Linux kernel approach to changes, and help with collaborative editing of the software. We decided to use the MIT license for the software.

Captain's Log, Star Date 2

-- slougi 2009-06-24 12:27:43

Thought about how to structure the gui today. I haven't begun working on it - instead I reimplemented the nmap XML parser, as I was not happy with the one I copied from opencollab-nmap-uploader.

What makes the gui tricky is that we want to be able to support data generically. We also want to be able to propagate certain events, like selection, to other renderings of the data. So far I have been thinking of basically just a generic interface that says "add an object of type, give me its ID, and send me events when its state changes". What I still need to think about is how to expose the container thinking effectively, both in terms of API and UI.

API-wise I will probably reuse some idea from the topology view 2000 (nice name eh?) in the analyzer - and try to learn from mistakes I made there, like creeping featurism, changing specs, and second system syndrome.

UI-wise I need to meditate some more. I have some ideas but they are all half-baked, and not even entirely clear to myself. The pressure is on though - it looks like I will be leaving for the US in just over a month, and I definitely want to have something concrete to show before that. :)


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