Clarified Networks was brought to life with the development of our first commercial software tool 'Tia' in 2002 in the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) as a part of the Frontier and FRONTIER-COMPAT projects. As the complexity of telecommunications networks grew, there clearly was a need for a new kind of approach to network analysis. Traditional network analysers, such as tcpdump concentrated on traffic collected from a single network, and communication was seen as happening between two network addresses. For understanding the events happening on the network, a much more useful abstraction level is seeing communication between different systems (each typically having several network addresses) and communication occurring on several networks. (A picture illustrating the visulisation of TIA analysis)

Our group of OUSPG researchers entered the VMWare Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge with their application "HowNetWorks". ?HowNetworks can be thought to be the prototype for Tia2. To no-one's surprise at ?LinuxWorld 2006 it was announced that our team had won the first prize of 100 000$! The success of ?HowNetworks gave the us the final push to establish our own enterprise 'Clarified Networks' and further our development.

From working closely with our clients we realised how even though we do have a superior tool for analysing networks, we needed to take things to the next level and have reporting and collaboration that can be stored and shared between partners. However with further research we noticed an important issue that not only are communication issues existing between clients and their vendors, these issues are also prominent internally. Therefore we created an environment which significantly benefits our clients for modelling their organisational knowledge and skills, the Collab was born. From here we made it our company philosophy to continue being the company at the forefront of Analysis and Collaboration.

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* Founded 2008