Virtual Situation Room (Clarified VSRoom) - a Situation Awareness System for Critical Infrastructure

In Estonia, VSRoom provides situational awareness over national emergency preparedness on the financial, ICT infrastructure, and energy and sectors by normalizing, correlating and visualizing (weak) signals from measurement feeds and expert opinion feeds, provided by the governmental and commercial critical infrastructure actors. The ultimate utility of the Estonian VSRroom deployment is to support human decision makers to anticipate, avoid, withstand, minimize, and recover from the effects of adversity whether man-made or natural.

Clarified VSRoom

Clarified VSRoom is a situation awareness system for critical infrastructure and assets. VSRoom reliably collects and summarizes data in real time from several, even unreliable, data sources and presents that information in clear graphical form. Whether you have critical services, or are responsible for observing the health of critical services provided by third parties, you will benefit from our browser-based overviews and collaboration. Beautiful overviews help decision makers and first line operation centers to observe the status of critical services with one glance.


Video: VSRoom trailer from National Critical Infrastructure perspective.

Users and Use Cases

Decision Maker

Do you need to prioritize where to allocate your resources? Do you need to decide when you should raise the alertness of your organization? Do you need to inform others about the current situation? With VSRoom you are on top of things and receive valuable information on which you can base your decisions.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Professional or 24/7 Situation Officer

Are you observing the status of critical services via a number of systems? Would you like to get a single overview with drill-down capability for monitoring and reporting? VSRoom visualizes your information in one clear screen.

Are you responsible for observing the status of a number of critical services? Do you need to collect information from a number of sources, and forward aggregated reports to your collaborators? VSRoom does this for you.

Critical Service Provider

VSRoom is the next evolutionary step in reporting. Instead of manually written snapshots of the situation, you can provide near real-time situation awareness to your collaborators and stakeholders. Your engineers may focus on running the critical service and let the VSRoom to take care of most of your reporting.



Data Sources and Collection - Minimal Invasiveness and Maximum Robustness

VSRoom supports a wide variety of data sources including telecommunication health monitoring, finance transactions and weather and cyber incidents. Data sources can be unreliable and highly asynchronous. Data is normalized in VSRoom and no changes to existing data sources are needed.

Data Processing and Distribution - Botnet Inspired Architecture

VSRoom is build for flexibility - it withstands the constant change, that your assets are going through. VSRoom Enterprise Message Bus also supports a wide variety of processing requirements: you may distribute the work to a number of geolocations and servers. You are able to build a fully redundant setup. The XMPP-based toolkit integrates your systems and applications across your critical services. Real-time communication, collaboration, bot presence, and instant messaging features are inherent.

VSRoom agents (Bots) tap into information sources via various transports (e.g., IMAP, HTTP, HTTPS, or custom) and read various formats (e.g., CSV, XML, HTML, or custom).


Data Visualization and Dissemination - Browser-Based User Interface


Browser-based visualizations (maps, classifications, and charts) provide high-level overviews, as well as domain specific information. Anything from the range of the status of critical infrastructure in the country to more specific views from Internet Abuse to Weather information. VSRoom enables collaboration between different actors through tools and supporting infrastructure. VSRoom automates the critical parts of the monitoring and reporting and supports analysis work.

How it works

VSRoom is a monitoring system of monitoring systems. It utilizes a variety of collector bots to collect data from any number of existing monitoring systems you or your partners may have. It then forwards observed events to a Enterprise Message Bus, where other bots will sanitizes, aggregate and retrieves additional information to make the end-result even more valuable for you. As a result, your browser will show your near-real-time situation with beautiful, clear and simple-to-understand visualizations, which will help you in your decision making.

Video: VSRoom UI feature showcase.



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