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Clarified Networks in Brief

Clarified Networks is a company focused in developing collaborative tools for network specialists to reduce side-effects caused by network complexity.

Company is based on four-year research by the acclaimed OUSPG research group in Oulu University. The research team was awarded as one of the best academic projects and won the first prize ($100000) in the VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge.

Consists of top-level network security experts and is a fast-growth company aiming for international markets.

Do You Remember the Network Analysis Tools Looking Like This?


Now See How Clarified Do It...


Clarified Analyzer is Clarified's unique network analysis tool. Clarified Analyzer is for people who want the job done. She is simple, concise and yet attractive which equals powerful.

Earth View

Clarified Analyzer does not merely produce attractive visualisations, it allows you to work with these visualisations to find the ‘needle in the haystack’


Connection Graph

With our clever visualisations it is very easy to understand what is going on and where:


As you can see Clarified evolution breeds simplicity and clarification...

Why Clarified?

People who trust us often need to justify to the decision makers why Clarified is a good choice. In the spirit of open enterprise, we will now share this documentation publicly.


  • We have invested a total of 7 years with a total volume of almost 1 million euros in developing workflows and tools for clarifying complex networks.
    • 4 years of TEKES-funded research at the University of Oulu
    • 3 years of commercial services and tool developement in the areas of collaboration and network clarification.
  • Clarified Staff  has a cumulative total of over 85 years of work experience from IP-based networks and tool developement. Thanks to our collaborative work flows, we are able to utilize this cumulative work experience efficiently in our customer engagements.

Customer satisfaction

  • Our customers have been extremely satisfied to our expertise, commitment to solve problems and to truely understand their problem areas.
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    • Testimonials

      • With Clarified Networks we had true situational awareness, real collaboration and the ability to steer the process during the whole audit. This way we received better return than ever before and the possibility to fix critical problems at the moment they were... >more.

    • Individual customer comments available per request.


Our innovative workflows and tools have been awarded by several actors. For example the open source version of our revolutionary tool won the first prize ($100 000) in VMWare's Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge, which had over 100 participants from around the world.

Organisation Award
Ultimate Virtual Challenge logo.png Ultimate Virtual Challenge first price ($100 000)
Telecom Scholarship logo.png Best Telecom-releated innovation (3000 EUR grant)
SMFL Award logo.png M.Sc Thesis award (2 000 EUR)
Venturecup National Finale logo.png National finale, best in northern Finland.
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It's All About Collaboration


Product Packages

We have tailor-made collab product packages, that bundle together all the needed expertise for any IP network. They include our expert tools, consultation, managed service and infrastructure.

Traffic Audit Collab

  • A turnkey solution for assessing the security of traffic flows in complex networks and with our help you will get a balanced and down-to-earth security analysis which is based on the actual traffic of your environment. It will also give you the tools to be more systematic about network management and reduce respond times in troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Collab

  • When trouble hits your network, there is no canned answer. When you face the unexpected, it may take days or even weeks to get on top of things again. At Clarified we have been helping our customers to quickly identify and amend unexpected problems with their setups. With this tailored package we bring systematic methods to trouble shooting and reporting.


Charlene Haysom

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