Clarified Analyzer - collaborative analysis and visualization of complex networks

The award-winning Clarified Analyzer network analysis tool is one of the leading utilities of its kind world-wide. Analyzer is a tool for network trouble shootin, traffic auditing and abuse monitoring. Providing intuitive visualizations with rich meta data based on packet accurate network traffic flow information, the Clarified Analyzer opens new windows into assessing your network data flows. Packed with features that stand out from the crowd the Clarified Analyzer provides a one-stop location for your network analysis needs.

Clarified Analyzer

Video: Analyzer in action.

Typical Users of Clarified Analyzer

  • Testlab managers for distributed testlabs,

  • cybercrime fighters,

  • critical infrastructure/service providers,

  • network auditors,

  • security & PCI compliance auditors,

  • VOIP solution integrators,

Clarified Analyzer Benefits


  • Decrease downtime with quick access to troubleshooting information.

  • Gain situational awareness.

  • Clarify your complex systems.

    • Host / device Inter-dependancies.
    • Used protocols.
  • Discover undocumented software behaviour (legit & malware)

    • Which information leaves your network perimeter?
    • What ports need to be opened from your firewalls?
  • Secure & optimize your systems

    • Discover Access Control Violations
    • Discover undocumented devices which bypass security policies
    • Find hosts and protocols which do not conform to your organizational policy
    • Discover infected hosts

Features (1/4)

  1. Simple, yet powerful user interface.
  2. 24/7 multitrack, multi- location recording.
  3. Easy-to-use timeline for accessing data flows and packets.
  4. Collaborative bookmarks for sharing cases with your colleagues and documenting downtime.
  5. Tabular and visual views for clarifying your fraffic flows.


Features (2/4)

  1. Earth view for mapping traffic on a earth map
  2. All visual views also allow you to:
    • filter traffic, and
    • export packets to third party analyzers
  3. View your
    • accumulated data from selected time- period, and
    • data from the exact moment your Analyzer is currently playing.


Features 3

1. Super-easy drill-down to packet level from every view


Features (4/4)

  1. Connection graphs for visualizing who-is-talking-to-who
  2. Topology NG view for rapid topology documentation with address drag & drops

  3. And much more
    • Search from packet contents
    • Analyze DNS traffic
    • Vlan views, etc



  1. Deploy Recorders to multiple Sites

    • 24/7 Recording
    • Traffic indexing for fast access and selective packet downloads
  2. Connect with Analyzer to monitor the traffic flows and packets of your complex system


Clarified Analyzer Infrastructure Testimonial


The panOULU (public access network OULU) network provides wireless broadband Internet access to everybody in its coverage area . The panOULU network is provided in cooperation by the City of Oulu, the University of Oulu, the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the Pulmonary Association Heli, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, DNA Oy, Elisa Oyj, and Netplaza Oy.

The panOULU network is accessed by over 15 000 unique devices per month. We have built an extremely cost-efficient wireless network which covers the city centrum, the airport, public libraries, schools, buses and even a ferry. To avoid complexity and to enable seamless roaming, panOULU is a single large L2-network. While this approach has many advantages, it has one disadvantage: failures in certain parts of the network can propagate to affect all users. We have tackled this problem by using Clarified Analyzer to quickly detect and debug network problems. With the time travel feature we are also able to debug sporadic failures that we could not otherwise debug while the failure was ongoing.

Clarified Analyzer Standalone Testimonial


"The analyzer has been used in helping us analyzing attempted SQL injection and Remote File Inclusion attacks upon our servers. The tool has also been used to good effect whilst penetrating botnet command and control sites.

It allowed us to automaticly trace the links involved in a SQL injection attempts, work that was previously done manually, thereby saving time and allowing us to start getting the numerous sites involved closed down in a more timely manner."

  • - Orac,

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