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6 Gorgeous Facebook Visualizations Like every complex network, Facebook offers unlimited possibilities of visual representation of the various connections between its users. Stan et al have chosen six beautiful visualizations that will awaken the (visual) geek within you. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
60 Minutes - The Internet is Infected Lesley Stahl reports on computer viruses that propagate on the Internet and infect PCs, which enable their creators often called "cyber gangs" to learn the information they need to electronically rob bank accounts. (Includes heatmap visualizations.) CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime, Visualizations link
A Study of Pushdo/Cutwail The Pushdo botnet has been with us since January 20071. The botnet is also known as Pandex or Cutwail. While it does not grab as many headlines as its attention-seeking peers such as Storm or Conficker, according to recent reports it is the 2nd largest SPAM botnet on the planet2 – sending approximately 7.7 Billion emails per day, making it single-handedly responsible for about 1 out of every 25 emails sent3 CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
AfterGlow AfterGlow is a collection of scripts which facilitate the process of generating graphs. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
AirPcap The AirPcap family is the first open, affordable and easy-to-deploy packet capture solution for Windows. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools link
Asymmetric threats in cyberspace Security problems in the modern times are not anymore strictly military, but more philosophical and relating to the society. Therefore, in my speech today, I would like to delve more into philosophical issues. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
Botnet Communication Topologies A clear distinction between a bot agent and a common piece of malware lies within a bot’s ability to communicate with a Command-and-Control (CnC) infrastructure. CnC allows a bot agent to receive new instructions and malicious capabilities, as dictated by a remote criminal entity. This compromised host then can be used as an unwilling participant in Internet crime as soon as it is linked into a botnet via that same CnC. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
CACEPilot CACE Pilot® is a visually rich and powerful analyzer for wired and wireless networks that revolutionizes the use of Wireshark by providing capabilities not found in the world’s most popular packet and network analysis tool. CategoryTrackItem logo.jpeg Network Tools
Cisco ASA Easy packet captures straight from the Cisco ASA firewall. Whether you are troubleshooting a difficult problem or chasing some interesting traffic, sometimes you need to pull a packet capture. Of course, you could configure and deploy a sniffer, but that is not the only solution you have at your fingertips. You can pull the packet capture directly from the Cisco ASA firewall. The Cisco ASA makes this an easy process. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools, Security Audit Management Read the article, Read about the product
Cisco ASA's Botnet Traffic Detector Lori Hyde discusses the new Botnet Traffic Detector feature in the latest version of the Cisco ASA firewall. She explains how it’s supposed to work but wonders how it will fare in the real world. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime, Network Tools link
Cyberattacks: A call for collaborative action We need to develop a collective consciousness for coping with the growing menace of cyber attacks, says Stanton Sloane. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration, Internet Crime link
Cybercime Riches Hard To Come By Researchers from Microsoft say stolen goods offered for sale in IRC channels are tough to monetize, and industry estimates of underground profits are "exaggerated" CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
E-Crime Survey 2009 The survey was conducted with the aim of stimulating conversation and debate at the Congress on a range of topics with direct relevance to the phenomenon of electronic and Internet-based crime. Between the 3rd February and the 13th March, 307 respondents from global businesses, law enforcement agencies, and government completed the survey. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
EmpiresDecline This is mainly an experimentation with soft bodies using toxi's verlet springs. The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires of the XIX and XX centuries by extent. The visual emphasis is on their decline CategoryTrackItem empires-decline.png Visualizations link
Facebook malware focusing on Bank of America The perpetrators behind the recent Classmates and Facebook Malware incident are now refocusing their attack on Bank of America customers. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
Firewall Log Treemap This treemap was generated with the Treemap 4.1 tool from University of Maryland CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
FlowMatrix FlowMatrix - Network Behavior Analysis System CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Fordrop Forensic dropbox is a social tool for collaborative computer forensic analysis. It aims to bring analysts together and elevate crowd sourcing to cut down on investigation time CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration, Internet Crime link
Gephi Gephi is an open-source software for visualizing and analyzing large networks graphs. Gephi uses a 3D render engine to display graphs in real-time and speed up the exploration. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
glTail.rb View real-time data and statistics from any logfile on any server with SSH, in an intuitive and entertaining way. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Google Sites Google Sites makes creating a team site as easy as editing a document. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration link
Gource Gource is a software version control visualization tool. Software projects are displayed by Gource as an animated tree with the root directory of the project at its centre. Directories appear as branches with files as leaves. Developers can be seen working on the tree at the times they contributed to the project. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
GraphMovie GraphMovie: A Library for Generating Movies from Dynamic Graphs with igraph. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Gumblar's 48,000 Compromised Domains Last week one of the students in the UAB Computer Forensics program came to see me about a virus problem he'd been working on for a classmate. Her computer was infected with many malware programs, and my student, who works for me as a Malware Analyst, decided to take a look. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
Hostmap hostmap is a free, automatic, hostnames and virtual hosts discovery tool written in Ruby. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Security Audit Management link
Huddle Huddle combines online collaboration, online project management and document sharing using social networking principles. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration link
Just Landed Tweets A compelling animated map visualization that focuses on revealing interesting data hidden in a social network information stream, here the travel information gathered from people's public Twitter streams by searching for the term 'Just landed in...'. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Lessons from the Estonian cyber-attacks, In response to the attacks, Estonia adopted a National Cyber Defence Strategy together with an Implementation Plan. One of the main principles is the importance of protecting the civilian critical information infrastructure. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
Lessons from the Russia-Georgia Cyber-War With the benefit of hindsight, the Russian military campaign against Georgia last summer seems to offer conclusive proof that cyberwar has come into its own. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
Maltego Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It allows for the mining and gathering of information as well as the representation of this information in a meaningful way. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime, Network Tools link
MindMeister Collaborative online mindmapping. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration link
NarusInsight NarusInsight is the most scalable traffic intelligence system for capturing, analyzing and correlating IP traffic in real-time. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
Net Optics Net Optics offers a complete suite of passive monitoring solutions. This passive monitoring access technology enables complete, permanent visibility into any network link without data stream interference or introducing a point of failure. Their suite of integrated fiber and copper products include Network Taps, Regeneration Taps, and Data Monitoring Switches, in addition to a complete line of custom security solutions. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
Network Weather Map Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
NFDUMP The nfdump tools collect and process netflow data on the command line. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Network Tools
NfSen Nfsen is a graphical web based front end for the nfdump netflow tools. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
NSA Iraqi Computer Attacks And U.S. Defense Gadi Evron on The Cyberwar Plan -article CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
OmniPeek Using OmniPeek’s local capture capabilities, centralized console, distributed engines, and expert analysis, engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults and fix problems, restoring essential services and maximizing network uptime and user satisfaction. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools link
OSM 2008: A Year of Edits Open Street Map: A Year of Edits. An animation showing edits to the ? project during 2008. ?OpenStreetMap is a wiki-style map of the world and this animation displays a white flash each time a way is entered or updated. Some edits are a result of a physical local survey by a contributor with a GPS unit and taking notes, other edits are done remotely using aerial photography or out-of-copyright maps, and some are bulk imports of official data. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Picviz Picviz is a parallel coordinates plotter which enables easy scripting from various input (tcpdump, syslog, iptables logs, apache logs, etc..) to visualize your data and discover interesting results quickly. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Prefuse Prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Security is not Just About Blocking Security Is Not Just About Blocking. That’s So Last Year. Collaboration Is The New Black. CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Security Audit Management link Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Asynchronous Collaborative Information Visualization CategoryTrackItem logo.png Collaboration, Visualizations link
SilentRunner SilentRunner® enables you to answer the difficult question of "What happened?" in the aftermath of a security incident by tackling the complicated tasks of capturing, analyzing and visualizing network data. It is a passive network monitoring solution that visualizes network activity by creating a dynamic picture of communication flows, swiftly uncovering break-in attempts, weaknesses, abnormal usage, policy violations and misuse, and anomalies — before, during and after an incident. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
tcpxtract 'tcpxtract is a tool for extracting files from network traffic based on file signatures. Extracting files based on file type headers and footers (sometimes called "carving") is an age old data recovery technique. Tools like Foremost employ this technique to recover files from arbitrary data streams. Tcpxtract uses this technique specifically for the application of intercepting files transmitted across a network. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
Terrorist Capabilities for Cyberattack: Overview and Policy Issues This report examines possible terrorists’ objectives and computer vulnerabilities that might lead to an attempted cyberattack against the critical infrastructure of the U.S. homeland, and also discusses the emerging computer and other technical skills of terrorists and extremists. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
TheDude The Dude network monitor is a new application by ?MikroTik which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
TheJit Customize Nodes and Edges The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Under Cyberthreat: Defense Contractors Northrop Grumman's info security chief addresses the "well-resourced, highly sophisticated" attacks against makers of high-tech weaponry. What kind of tools do you use to keep your network secure? We've focused a lot on…capabilities where you're capturing all traffic, not just bits and pieces of it. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime link
Visa, MasterCard In Security Hot Seat The House of Representative's Committee on Homeland Security took aim at a more accessible target: credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard (nyse: MA - news - people ), which are responsible for creating and enforcing the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards that failed to prevent those breaches. "But I do want to dispel the myth once and for all that PCI compliance is enough to keep a company secure. It is not." CategoryTrackItem logo.png Internet Crime, Security Audit Management link
Visualizing the Grid The U.S. electric grid is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines. Aging infrastructure, combined with a rise in domestic electricity consumption, has forced experts to critically examine the status and health of the nation's electrical systems CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Wireshark Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Network Tools
Yammer Connect and share with the people in your company or organization. CategoryTrackItem logo Collaboration link
yEd yEd is a very powerful graph editor that can be used to quickly and effectively generate drawings and to apply automatic layouts to a range of different diagrams and networks. CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
Your Botnet is My Botnet In this paper, we report on our efforts to take control of the Torpig botnet for ten days.Over this period, we observed more than 180 thousand infections and recorded more CategoryTrackItem [ATTACH] Internet Crime link
ZGRviewer Navigation Topology-Aware Navigation in Large Networks CategoryTrackItem logo.png Visualizations link
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