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Charlene Haysom Link Plus, Codenomicon Charlene who is originally from Adelaide, Australia joined the Clarified team early 2008 after working at another of the successful OUSPG spin off companies, Codenomicon, sharing her time between both their Sales and Marketing teams. She studied at Flinders University in Adelaide with her majors being Economics and International Politics. She has a strong background in global Sales and Marketing, beginning her career as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the Australian company Link Plus. Along with her love of business and development is her love of theatre and singing. Clarified Networks 5 years CategoryPerson charli.png inactive Business Development
Ilpo Vitikka Vintor Ilpo has been involved in ICT-industry since first home computers landed in Finland. He is a habitual entrepreneur with experience ranging for PC hardware to high value ICT-consulting. He has pioneered in the field of video conferencing and has several years of experience in developing and provisioning telco products in TeliaSonera. He is a co-founder of Clarified Networks and Vintor where he helps customers to find cost-effective solutions that really work. Clarified Networks 20 years CategoryPerson picture.png inactive
Jani Kenttälä Codenomicon, OUSPG OUSPG Jani is a foster-child of a famous security research group called OUSPG. He has been working with the security of IP networks since 1997. In 2002 he found his nemesis - the overwhelming complexity of modern networks. Instead of falling into despair he co-founded Clarified Networks where he developed and delivered tools and services to help his clients in the battle for clarity. By 2009 the fight against complexity was well on track and it was time for Jani to pick a new challenge. As Internet abuse had grown to a massive scale, Clarified Networks and Codenomicon decided to join their forces to help Internet superheroes to protect critical infrastructure and the Internet. Ever since Jani has been working with national CERT teams, cyber defense organizations and critical infrastructure providers to collaboratively defend themselves from the Internet malice. Clarified Networks Tia Clarified Networks 13 years CategoryPerson jani2.png Complexity, ?Dead Views Collaboration, ?MartialArts Management Auditor, Co-founder, Head of Solutions Computer networks, Infosec, Vulnerabilities University of Oulu AbuseSA
Joachim Viide OUSPG Joachim - if that's his real name - was born in a town. Time passed. During this time he got older and a degree. Joachim co-founded Clarified Networks. As of this writing it is some time after that. Clarified Networks Clarified Networks CategoryPerson jukke.png Code Squad Advisor, Co-founder AbuseHelper, AbuseSA
Juha Haaga Having a curious mind and a long time habit of following the cutting edge of web technologies, Juha joined Clarified Networks to prototype and to implement new functionality for the Clarified VSRoom. His other interests currently include user experience design and persuasive systems design. In his free time, he enjoys game development and whatever computer games Sid Meyer throws at him. CategoryPerson juha.png juha.png Software Artist AbuseSA
Juha Röning OUSPG, University of Oulu Juha Röning (1957) obtained the degree of Doctor of Technology in 1992, Licentiate in Technology with honors in 1985, and Diploma in Engineering (MSEE) with honors in 1983, all at the University of Oulu in Finland. From 1983 he has been a member of faculty of the University of Oulu, where he is currently Professor of Embedded Systems and head of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering. He is principal investigator of the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG). In 1985 he received Asla/Fullbright scholarship. From 1985 to 1986 he was a visiting research scientist in the Center for Robotic Research at the University of Cincinnati. From 1986 to 1989 he held a Young Researcher Position in the Finnish Academy. In 2000 he was nominated as Fellow of SPIE. Professor Röning has two patents and has published more than 150 papers in the areas of computer vision, robotics, intelligent signal analysis, and software security. His main research interests are in intelligent systems, especially mobile robots, machine vision, and software security. He is a member of SPIE, IEEE, International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA), Sigma Xi, Finnish Pattern Recognition Society, and Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (FAIS). Clarified Networks CategoryPerson juha.png inactive Co-founder
Jyrki Huhta OUSPG Jyrki Huhta worked in several finnish high-technology companies before joining the OUSPG, which spinned Clarified Networks. He has also been active in organising small and big events in northern part of Finland. The learning curve to become a CEO in a fastly growing company has been an interesting one, but success is the best award. Jyrki believes that the simple logic behind being a CEO is to invest money only so that it makes more money, but also create and cherish a worker-friendly company culture from the start. When not working Jyrki enjoys science fiction in any media and likes to cook. Clarified Networks Clarified Networks CategoryPerson jyrki2.png inactive Shareholder
Lauri Pokka OUSPG Lauri joined Clarified Networks to make us Web 2.0 compatible. You see his fingerprints in Clarified VSRoom, which was our first HTML5-based product. Like many of the Clarified people, Lauri is a foster-child of OUSPG. CategoryPerson larpo.png Code Squad Software artist AbuseSA
Marko Laakso OUSPG Marko is a loony Finn with UNIX & network background, gained from administrating the network of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Oulu. Security advisories from summer 1996 pushed him beyond point of no return by raising the question "More of this same kind, again?". Ever since he has been pestering vendors with vulnerability reports too long to be read and helping to bootstrap both academic research and commercial ventures to address the poor software quality and growing complexity. He is also co-founder of OUSPG research group, co-founder of Codenomicon and co-founder of Clarified Networks. Marko's specialities are infosec, vulnerabilities, security, critical infrastructure protection and computer networks. Clarified Networks Clarified Networks 18 years CategoryPerson Advisor Advisor, Co-founder
Mika Ruostesuo Previous background in mobile and software business. Long employment history with new business development and business-to-business sales in ICT industry. Currently working with sales, new business opportunities and company financing. Oulu Finland ?Org Mika CategoryPerson picture.png Ruostesuo +358 50 5576332 Business Development Manager Clarified Analyzer, Clarified Traffic Audit Business Development Manager
Mika Seppänen OUSPG In addition to research work done in OUSPG's Frontier project Mika has been enthusiastically exploring the wonderful world of computer programming. Now he brings his IP and programming skills to the customers also as a service. Outside the world of bits Mika enjoys solving different kinds of problems as an active orienteer and he relaxes by roaming around in the Finnish nature. Mika's meticulous working habits brought him a position also in our management in 2009. Clarified Networks 04 years CategoryPerson mika.png Code Squad, Management, Services Auditor, Co-founder, Software artist Clarified Analyzer, Clarified Traffic Audit
Mikko Kenttälä Mikko Kenttälä has several years of network adminstration experience. He previously administered a city-wide wireless access network containing hundreds of basestations which are utilized by over 16 000 unique devices per month. Now Mikko brings his Traffic Audit and Troubleshooting skills to Clarfied Networks customers. Mikko likes everything releated to network-security and Mikko also loves to go social. In his free time Mikko plays bass in cover band, flies with flightsimulators and paints his friends in the forest with paintball markers. CategoryPerson mikko.png Network specialist mikko.png Auditor, Employee, Network specialist, Product manager Clarified Analyzer, Clarified Traffic Audit
Ossi Salmi Ossi has solid system administration background. During the past 7 years he has been growing panOULU from a small laboratory network of 10-20 basestations into a city-wide (and soon city-area-wide) public access network containing 1000+ basestations. Maintaining a network of over 20 000 unique devices per month with few people has taught Ossi to keep things simple and take the most out of simplicity. Server deployments, service configurations, switch configurations, network design and tool development are routine for Ossi. Lately Ossi has mastered Puppet to a wide range of installations. CategoryPerson face.png face.png Auditor, Employee, Network specialist AbuseSA, Clarified Analyzer, Clarified Traffic Audit
Pekka Pietikäinen OUSPG M. Sc. (Eng.) Pekka Pietikäinen has a love-hate relationship with complex networks. One of the benefits is that trying to understand them makes for a lovely topic for a doctoral thesis, which he is currently finishing up at the Oulu University Secure Programming Group a (OUSPG). His thesis concentrates on modeling the behaviour of complex systems using causal relationships. Pekka did his M.Sc. thesis at CERN with the title “Hardware-assisted Networking Using Scheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux”. He has over 13 years of experience in the field, in both research and private industry. He was a founding partner of Net People Oy, the first ISP in northern Finland (later merged with Nixu Oy). Clarified Networks 15 years CategoryPerson pekka.png inactive DI Pekka Pietikäinen viimeistelee parhaillaan väitöskirjaansa Oulun yliopiston tietoturvallisen ohjelmoinnin ryhmässä (OUSPG). Hänen väitöskirjansa keskittyy monimutkaisten tietoliikenneverkkojen toiminnan analysointiin. Pekka teki kiitettävän arvosanan saaneen diplomityönsä CERN:ssä, aiheena "Laitteistoavustettu Scheduled Transfer -protokollan toteutus Linuxissa". Hänellä on yli 13 vuoden kokemus alalta, sekä tutkimuksessa, että teollisuudesta. Pekka on Net People Oy:n (myöhemmin fuusioitunut Nixu Oy:hyn) ja Clarified Networks Oy:n perustajaosakas. Hän on Clarified Networks Oy:n hallituksen jäsen.
Sauli Pahlman ?CERT-FI, ?FitSec, TeliaSonera Sauli Pahlman has been a malware analyst and an infosec adviser at the Finnish National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-FI). He also has a wide range of experience, from consultative sales to low-level computing. His first network-related position was with a Finnish-Swedish telco and ISP, TeliaSonera. He joined Clarified Networks to fight against Complexity and Internet crime. He helps our customers to gain situation awareness with AbuseSA. CategoryPerson sauli.png Network specialist AbuseSA
Timo Mäkinen Timo is our system administrator. Clarified Networks +10 years CategoryPerson Support Administrator
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