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ClarifiedAnalyzer/Collaboration Work with your co-workers! CategoryFeatureShowcase collab.png Increasingly, people need to share data with co-workers or domain specialists. By providing specific collaborative features, the Clarified Analyzer enables interoperative work flows.
ClarifiedAnalyzer/PCAP Read PCAPs more easily than ever! CategoryFeatureShowcase pcap.png The Clarified Analyzer is interoperable with industry standard tools. By providing data import and export using the PCAP format external utilities can be utilized.
ClarifiedAnalyzer/Visualizations Visualize IT! CategoryFeatureShowcase visualizations.png Intuitive Visualizations assist you in gaining a firm understanding of what is happening in the network. Coupled with the ability to filter the presented information using view-specific mechanisms, the Clarified Analyzer helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack.
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