2012-05-10 12:59 Gone Phishing

Categorilla view of Phishing data over a three hour period

Since I'm not big on fear, uncertainty and doubt I wanted to contribute to the actual observed facts related to phishing and enterprise targets. The picture above represents data retrieved from phishtank and categorized through Categorilla over a period of three hours worth of phishing data. Categorilla is my favorited VSRoom visualization, since it enables you to quickly assess and refine your observations through a dynamic matrix. The X axis in this picture contains Phishtank phishing events organized by country code and the Y axis represents the phishing targets for the same data. The numbers are the number of events for each country code versus target over the three hour period. Apart from the throwaway category Other, many of your bigger and and smaller brand names are constantly present in the Phistank data. Naturally, the most lucrative targets for identity theft seem to be related to services which move money in one form or another, such as PayPal, Habbo Hotel (Sulake Corporation) or Santander UK. My intention here is not to play the blame game, rather than point out the fact that the Internet is full of great non-profit organizations, which publish this information. Our job on the other hand is to help organisations benefit from this data through the community project AbuseHelper, as well as commercial offerings, such as AbuseSA, Abuse Situation Awareness.

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