2011-08-11 20:40 CERT.be helping to mitigate website hacks

RTBF news channel covered a story in Belgium about increased number of hacked Belgian websites. Watch it here, fast forward about 26 minutes. CERT.be is helping Belgian key resources, critical information providers and the Belgian public to protect their IT-infrastructure. -CERT.be presentation.

We got additional kicks from this story, as David from CERT.be mentioned that a tool familiar to us is shown in the story. Congrats AbuseHelper for your TV premiere! However, it looks like AbuseHelper was not the only familiar piece in the story:


Christian being interviewed.

They are using some sort of encryption in the interview,
so I have no clue what they are talking about. Thus, I'll settle for some additional pics:


David hacking at Belnet.

David was the first one to join to the AbuseHelper community. By now, he has done AbuseHelper trainings and presentations on various occasions. On left there is a shell open, probably some bot being fine-tuned. The right window looks like an XMPP-client, which displays a number of friendly bots working on behalf of CERT.be.


This looks like a diff between AbuseHelper's default runtime config and a new config David is setting up.

The people at CERT.be are set out to make a difference. While the rest of us are busy being superheroes of our lives, doing advanced and ground-breaking whatnot, CERTs such as CERT.be are doing their part in keeping the Internet clean, in the spirit of true Bicycle repair man. Just because someone has to.

-- jani 2011-08-11 18:40:55

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