2011-04-29 09:45 AbuseHelper added to the Enisa's Clearinghouse list


Enisa adopts AbuseHelper to their Clearinghouse for Incident Handling Tools -list.

This is a pilot site for a proposed collection of tools and guidelines of their use intended for incident handling teams. Information on this site reflects the experience of a number of European CSIRTs, working together as a project in the framework of the TERENA's Task Force TF-CSIRT. By this the project likes to create a repository of information about tools that are actively used and supported by active CSIRTs.

For us, Clearinghouse is not just a list of tools. As you might remember, one of the goals has always been to bring the incident handling community even more tightly together. Previously lots of Abuse Reporting has happened with in-house build tools and that has made it difficult to share the contributions inside the community. With AbuseHelper, we sought for ultimate modularity, so that the tool would fit to each team's process, not the other way around. Having common tools, the incident handlers can focus more on their work, instead of writing the tools from the scratch to be able to it. Obviously, Clearinghouse is one effort to achieve the same goal, thus our AbuseHelper team gets some extra kicks from being part of the list. :)

-- jani 2011-04-29 07:55:45

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