2011-03-31 21:09 VSRoom under-the-hood stuff + a couple of videos


One colleague from another company suggested that we should have material which also describes how VSRoom actually works. While waiting the release of such information to the public web, I wrote an email. Then I thought - why not share this info with our Blog readers:



That for sure is not informative but it was fun. :)

This is a bit more informative, a brief info on the UI:


As a side note, a quick glimpse of what happens under the hood, just for the fun of it.

The UI just joins to a selected XMPP room and visualizes events it sees, if it can. Events are just free form key-value pairs, allowing to have any sorts of data flowing around. The events look like this:

tix.sanitizer 9:55:43
customer=RIA 1, sector=comm, end=1301597743, longitude=24.7544715, service=data, area=Tallinn, inmbs=49, description=2011-03-31 21:55 - TIX - utilization: in/out %: 5/0 - RIA 1 , outmbs=907, port=GigabitEthernet1/0/6, subtype=exchange, asset=port: RIA 1, status=0, oututilization=0, inutilization=5, latitude=59.4388619, organization=TIX, start=1301597743, type=utilization, id=8b7d944c1725958889eace886153ad2a, source=http://tix.estpak.ee/traffic/

(tix.sanitizer is a bot which sanitizes stuff that actual tix bot produces (tix is a bot which reads public Tallinn information exchange statistics).

Then see the classification view in the second video. In that example user creates a new classification view, which will classify events by sector&service (X) and type (Y). The color can be just a counter: the more events fall into specific category (cell), more colorful the cell is. Then you can also assign value functions for the visualization (color density), like max(inmbs) or sum(status) etc. (status being collector bot's opinion on how healthy the status is, 0 being normal and higher values implying more critical issue)

That is one example how VSRoom is extremely flexible on regarding what and how the what-ever-data is flowing in the XMPP network.


BTW, that event example was just a copy paste from a XMPP chat client. As we use XMPP, everything ranging from bot presence, command & control and event streams are also observable via your favourite Chat client.

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