2011-03-25 11:46 Malware Analysis with Clarified Analyzer


Have a look at a nice video where Lari Huttunen from Codenomicon uses Analyzer for malware analysis. I just read a nice (finnish) summary about different types of Scams at Sulava's Blog, by Antti Savolainen. It made me realize that the video Lari made has also some educational value for the general public - it shows in practice how one Fake-AV product works. What pushed me over the line to blog, was Mikko Hyppönen's (F-Secure) tweet highlighting Lari's work (with Analyzer ;).

In the video, Lari pretty quickly confirmed the dropsite, malware domain in use, and the potential objective of that scam, just by observing the network behaviour. This piece of software happened to utilize a "Fake AV" scam to collect credit card information.

-- jani 2011-03-25 11:54:07

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