2010-11-01 08:35 Bredolab botnet takedown


Picture: A screenshot from Netherlands mainstream
television. Clarified Analyzer is used to help with botnet analysis

A couple of days ago there was a huge Bredolab botnet takedown in Netherlands and Clarified had the honor to help THTC (Team High Tech Crime) by providing Clarified Analyzer to help with botnet analysis. This is yet another example of how Clarified Analyzer can help you when you have to discover what is actually going on in the network, and doing so in a really neat way. :)

The Bredolab takedown was also a great example about the power of co-operation. THTC took down 143 C&C servers with the help of the Dutch Forensic Institute, the internet security company Fox IT and GOVCERT.NL, the Dutch computer emergency response team, and with the complete cooperation of ?LeaseWeb, the largest hosting provider in the country, on whose IP space the servers were hosted.

-- turmio 2010-11-01 08:36:43

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