2010-10-12 16:22 How do we organize ourselves?


We have been quite busy with deployments and thus have omitted some updates on our web pages, such as the personnel list. Then something happened:

  1. MikaR forced Mikko to add Lauri Pokka (all live in Oulu) to the list.

  2. That forced me to complete the long-pending task of adding Sauli to the list (we are in Helsinki).

  3. Now I felt the urge to highlight the fact that we have seem to be able to avoid long vertical organization (marketing, sales, devel, postsales etc). Instead we have teams and owners for cases (sales/deployment)
  4. After writing that, I felt the urge to document the basic team structure also.
  5. Now People page reflects also the team membership.

  6. Finally, I decided to do a small analysis on who-is-doing-what. (You know, we are such a large organization that its structure definitely demands constant evaluation.)

Here are the results. Do you like ordered or unordered better?



-- jani 2010-10-12 13:32:41

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