2009-09-09 11:37 (UI) From Finland With Love :)


I had very interesting opportunity as I was invited to talk to 40 highly technical individuals, gathered from all over the world to Amsterdam. I have not given presentations to such a group for awhile, so I was excited.

My typical concern is that the audience just sits silent. I love vivid discussions up to the point that I even like to be provoked. Having a carefully dozed emotional content in the discussion keeps the audience awake. Having a good balance between clear presentation and emotional content is something I haven't quite yet mastered. I think with this presentation I went just slightly over the top, I ended up ranting about libpcap bugs and about the times when it was extremely laborious to analyze multipoint captures taken from complex systems. Ranting too much takes time from the actual point of the presentation. Fortunately the audience was smart, and they picked most of the points, ending up explaining in other words to each other what I was talking about.

Something which was slightly unfortunate, was that the color scheme in the projected image was completely fubarred. That affected the Analyzer demo a bit. For example selections were bright yellow, burning audience's eyes, different shades of gray were completely missing, earth view was dark, etc. As a result I got feedback that the UI looked like it is made by a typical Finnish startup company. :D Typically we get exactly the opposite feedback amongst Finns - 'hey great, for once an UI which does not look like it is made by an average Finnish company'. :)

Thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity. It was fun and even therapeutic! :)

-- jani 2009-09-09 09:25:02

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