2009-08-14 14:07 When and Where the Spam Comes From


Ben from the Australian Honeynet Project has been analyzing SPAM and blogging about his findings. In his recent Blog entry he describes how ?Logster helped him to get the time perspective in his analysis. He was kind enough to share the Video using Vimeo.

Ben's Notes.

My Comments

A really nice video Ben! You are one of the first ones I know who actually utilized Logster for something else than Apache access logs. We've been waiting for that to happen. :)

We earlier pondered how to visualize the passing of time in 2 dimensional space (images). It was really hard to find anything intuitive, which compresses 3 dimensions (x,y,time) to 2 dimensions (x,y). Then we realized, why not just add the time perspective... by using the time dimension (=video)! Logster was born.

-- jani 2009-08-14 11:55:23

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