2009-07-15 19:41 Clarified Now 20% More Social


As everybody knows, vacation is the only time you have enough time for work.

So, as a therapy project, I decided to code couple of small macros for GraphingWiki. I tried to keep them as small and simple as possible, don't want to open the Pandora's box on 'how many ways there are to shoot yourself in the foot with web apps'.

I proudly 1 present: <<TwitterBadge(twitteruser)>> and <<SocialShareLinks>>.

TwitterBadge prints the latest tweets from a selected user. SocialShareLinks prints the usual share links, familiar from numerous sites in the Internet.

Why? Well I needed the TwitterBadge on another therapy project. A festival - it's called: Jyrkkä \o/ (Link points to Finnish only page, sorry). I found a nice tool for Audioblogs, called Audioboo. Audioboo supports Twitter notifications. And Twitter supports Facebook notifications. So, the only thing missing was a way to announce the Boos in Jyrkkä Wiki page. TwitterBadge did the job. And as I was getting overly confident with TwitterBadge, I decided to throw in also the SocialShareLinks for the same price.

Now I have a nice toolchain to promote Jyrkkä festival, diagram follows. ;)


Now, how Social Web 2.0 marketing is that!

If my experiment with Jyrkkä produces good results, we will apply the same methods at Clarified. :)

Oh, and the macros in action:

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  1. Proudly as in 'proud as 2-year old is when she manages to put the shoe to the wrong leg'. (1)