2009-04-28 23:09 This is the story of their access_log

It is a public secret that we have ties to the seedy underworld of the people referred to as "geeks".

March 25th last year a group of these "geeks" known only as KKS decided to direct their energies to late night hacking instead of more manly sports like disco dancing. That night they were to peer into Sampo Bank's then newly revamped web bank system. The system was running on the Java virtual machine on the client computers. "Geeks" love all things virtual (and cyber), so this was a match made in heaven.

For a couple of hours KKS looked into what the Java packages had eaten and what they actually did on the client computer and so on. They were in the same soom, but it was a virtual cyber room called an IRC channel, so to boost their communication they decided to document their findings as they went on. The place where they put their findings was their publicly accessible wiki at http://kks.cabal.fi

What KKS hadn't taken into account was that bits are the fastest things alive. It didn't take many hours for the wiki link to start spreading, virtually (cyberifically?). For a couple of days their web server took in an impressive amount of traffic, which was dutifully chronicled into their access logs.

So, a KKS agent gave us those access logs and asked us to use our Logster tool to visualize the spreading of the link, starting from a short while before the incident and a short while after. Here it is. With disco music.

-- ?jvi 2009-04-28 21:46:05

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