2009-04-24 06:04 Sweeten the emotional impact with eye candy


Lets refresh our memory on Clarified priorities on software development.

  1. It needs to look good - eye candy does not make you grow bigger. :)

  2. It should be usable - this is the typical 'easy of use' -thing.
  3. It should have a purpose - the feature/view/tool should have a reason for its existence.

Yes, most of the readers would like this order of priorities to be reversed at least at the first thought. With the help of Stephen Anderson I now try to convince you otherwise. 1

There is a nice article about how eye candy also affects the usability:


We want our products to have some emotional impact. There is no need for software to be dull. Lets take iPhone for example. (No, I'm not a Apple fan boy. Ok, I am - but I still claim this example is objective.) I get kicks from using my phone even though I had it ... at least over half a year. I pick the phone, press the green phone icon, surf the contact list, make a call and get an beautiful menu during the call to enable certain features such as add call etc. Get kicks of making a call? I've must have gone insane. Emotional impact. Our products should have that (too).

Stephen Anderson writes: By making intentional, conscious decisions about the personality of your product, you can shape positive or negative responses...

Let the software entertain us. Not the other way around. (Greets to my friends in gaming industry. ;)

-- jani 2009-04-24 06:24:59

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  1. In reality the software should have all of those three properties listed above (1)