2009-04-15 09:48 Tracking the State-of-the-art


We have two versions in our ponderings why we track our areas of interests publicly. Both are true.

The official version

As we plan, deliver and integrate our task specific and collaboration oriented services we must follow the state-of-the-art. We used to track these different concepts, products, services and other pointers in private but often ended up proxying this information to our clients and partners. Now by sharing this information here we hopefully bring some added value to you as well.

The unofficial version

Aren't we linking to our competitors? Mostly not, as we focus on providing best possible combination of tools and services. And even to the small parts that even we could see as competition, we don't care. :) We see more benefit in boosting our Google ranking and having a centralized place for the State-of-the-Art in our areas of interest than in being scared that some customer might learn about different solutions.

Maybe this attitude comes from the era when security-through-obscurity slogan emerged. We don't believe obfuscating the market does any good. We should be able to stand out from the market anyway. For a healthy business, we should be able to justify our existence anyway with more sensible mechanisms. IT should be simple: bring more value than your cost to the customer.

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