2009-02-11 20-47 Intelligence Cycle Meets Semantic Web


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Oh boy, stumbled into a great paper about semantic web. I'll do another of my cheap blog-tricks and just copy-paste some snippets. Recommended reading for anyone analysing complex networks (whether they are techical or social):

With the rise of the netwar paradigm new tools are needed to support intelligence collection and analysis. The Semantic Web uses information online in which data is defined in machine-readable terms, allows for the creation of flexible, adaptable knowledge bases that can be used collaboratively. This paper discusses how the Semantic Web facilitates research on terrorist organizations, particularly how a variety of useful features – such as network visualization and data attribution – can be used.

This paper has focused on how the Semantic Web can be applied to researching terrorism, but its functions could be adapted for analysts examining innumerable other issues both in the public and private sector. The Semantic Web will allow many intelligence community stakeholders to examine and sort the same data – using a variety of computing tools. This both facilitates human intuition and the exchange of ideas, which is at the core of successful intelligence, while bringing into play the data processing strengths of the computer. These tools can help the analysts structure the data, a crucial tool in the current information saturated environment. Bringing numerous different perspectives and tools to bear on a problem is essential in the complex netwars that challenge modern intelligence agencies.


-- jani 2009-02-11 20:47:52

Hey nice! Very much along the lines we have been thinking when working with the intelligence cycle in more everyday situations such as security audits or just good old plain investigation-of-everything. Furthermore Jukke pointed out the term Entity Attribute Value model1 that pretty much describes our multi-valued-schema-free-object-database (read RDF- triple kind of) approach for analysis and synthesis.

-- fenris 2009-02-11 20:57:03

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  1. Unfortunately, as ?Erno phrased it, that Wikipedia article on the EAV-model has been written with RDBMS tainted glasses (1)