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In close reference to what Jani was speaking of two blogs ago, we now have a devotee to the Sales and Marketing of Clarified Networks (that would be me). To introduce myself I am Charli, and I have been residing here comfortably under the Clarified Networks roof for a couple of months now. Throughout this time a picture has formed in my head which I would like to put forward to you all, including a brief background of the company, meanwhile explaining this little attractive picture you see next to my blog. This picture is how we are now categorising and describing our newly productised solutions (which are most commonly know as our 'Strategies') for selling not only in greater Europe but globally:

Clarified Networks is a company that has been exisiting commerically for the past two years, and for four years before that was in research and development funded by 'TeliaSonera' and 'Nokia', through the world renownded Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) who have also launched the company Codenomicon (who we have been doing partnering in joint offerings which combine both our Network Analysis and their Robustness Testing).

Now for the overview of Clarified Networks solutions more specifically. Our tools and services are used for the Collaborative Network Analysis (simply, we allow you to see the actual traffic flows in your networks and read the packet flows, which give you the ability to pin point exact issues in trouble shooting and traffic auditing)

We have a structure that our product offerings are set up, best explained in the 3 'Strategies' we have implemented:

Strategy A - Standalone

This is our Clarified Networks Analyser tool we researched and developed for the 4 years, and it is now able to be bought as a stand alone tool, it can be downloaded to the laptop, and essentially this is the window into the network and shows all of the flows, and has extremely attractive visualisations which make the problem solving and analysis alot easier and time efficient. We have had many cases that it can cut out from half an hour a day of analysis due to its simple manner.

Strategy B - Infrastructure

This is our Clarified Networks Recorder, we like to think of this as a VCR for your Network. This is a box that you have running 24/7 and it records all of the traffic for the bigger networks that have multiple servers and locations, so that you can be constantly recording and keeping track of what is happening, and who is talking to who. It is great in the bigger enterprises and in operators as there can be times that issues aren't noticed till after the compromise has occurred, therefore with recording the traffic you can go back in time and pin point the problem straight away, rather than spending countless hours or even weeks trying to reproduce the problem.

Strategy C - Services

These are turnkey solutions that include our Tools, Services and Managed Service Infrastructure. These tend to be more customised packages for the more demanding of enterprises and operators, also if we perform one of these we have training to give the end customer the knowledge on being able to take care of their systems with our tools. The main focus with the Collab packages are with Traffic Audits and Troubleshooting, however we can customise packages for the larger more demanding of organisations.

I hope this clarifies our current offerings!

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