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We are an income-based company. It has its pros and cons. Pro definitely in that sense that we can challenge the traditional way how corporates work. We can continue to be rebel...{{{HHHH

revolutional. For example being completely open about what we do, how and when. Including the screwups, such as in one of my previous blogs. Promoting real and open collaboration between client, us and non-commercial or commercial third parties.

The con is that we are constantly working underhanded. My personal pain is that we already know how the next generation analyzer would work. (No Jukke, there are no specifications). We also know a little bit below gazillion ways how to improve the current UI even more. We know a number of features and new views that could be implemented with not too much trouble. Actually we have already ten views which we call experimental merely for the reason that they lack some basic features such as 'Export to Wireshark', or there has been no time to test them properly yet.

This begs the question: why? We have something that our clients say is the best tool out there in its' field (troubleshooting and traffic audits). Still we have to work sometime around the clock to accomplish our goals.

Our business-oriented readers already know the reason: we don't put enough effort to the commercial side. We have been ignoring basic things from sales and marketing. In a bizarre way I can be proud of this: it is an accomplishment in itself that we have survived with this effort. Our ratio of successful deals has been very good. Anyway, we are not able to grow with this 'strategy'.

Well that is going to change now. During the spring we have sharpened our focus, recruited our first Sales/Marketting person Charli, who has done excellent job with the material she was given. Now we are working on implementing our sharpened focus to make us scale to worldwide deliveries. Most of the technical components are in place already. Some announcements will be done September, and so forth. The 2008 will be the race to scalability. I'm looking forward year 2009.

As a part of our strategy planning, we did a small calculation. While being much more we are also a good supplement for Wireshark. We did this one conservative calculation what it would mean if 1% of the wireshark downloads would result customer relationship with the downloader. You can find it from this page.

-- jani 2008-07-02 08:26:29

P.S. I promised earlier to reveal the reason behind why we are so open about ourselves. This entry gave a hint in the beginning. To summarize: because we can.

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