2008-04-24 21:10 Infosec, 2nd day

'''Picture:''' having a phone. What a sweet feeling.)


My second morning almost turned out to be a disaster. I lost my phone. I had a creeping feeling that I must have dropped it at the tube or at the tube station, because my last mental image of the phone was when I left my hotel for the conference hall. I had my other phone with a UK prepaid SIM card in it so I kept calling my 'real' phone wishing someone would answer. No luck. To add insult to injury, this was also the moment when the prepaid SIM's operator informs me that I'm running out of juice. Fortunately I found a free public access point at the Infosec conference hall. The downside was that only http and https connections was allowed so I could not use any of my standard Instant Messaging options to contact people. By the way, I thought that hindering users' internet connection to achieve a false sense of security went out of style already few years ago. Well, the only thing left to do was to fill a lost property form for the London transport. They wanted to have the IMEI and SIM references of the lost phone. They also adviced that if I don't know my IMEI or SIM references by heart I should call my carrier and ask for them. Right, roger that.

And this story doesn't even end here. The form required me to leave my address. But according to this form there is no such country as Finland. So I decided not to call about my lost phone to my carrier as surely London transport lost items office can't ship the phone to a non-existing country.

To be honest, at that point I just had to make a decision: which is more expensive: a phone worth of few hundred euros or me wasting hours of good social networking time at Infosec. I tried to remember if there are any text messages in my cell phone that could throw off governments in the wrong hands (it could happen in Finland as well). The answer I meditated was 'no' so I decided that my work at Infosec is more important.

The day turned out to be good after all

I met a friend of mine who is alpha testing our products. He really likes Clarified Analyzer so he has mentioned about it to some of his contacts and we had a nice chat with them. We also visited Codenomicon's booth and what do you know: someone gave me my phone back (I don't remember who it was because I was so stunned). A good citizen had called to the recently dialed numbers and one of the Codenomicon's people had answered and arranged that my phone would be brought back to their booth to wait for me. Thanks Ashley and the anonymous guardian angel I never met!

Later I attended a panel discussion arranged by Sophos. The panel was actually much better than I expected. However, it was mostly about dodging bullets (how to avoid being infected) while I'm more interested in helping the authorities to catch the actual criminals more efficiently. But anyway it was good fun as the panelist put out a good show.

In the evening there was a social event at the hall and after that we went to a restaurant with people from one SLA company. I had talked to one of these guys at their stand and got a lukewarm reception. At the evening meal as we more time to chat, things were totally different. We had some good time. I lost my voice and we called the day off a little bit before midnight. Thai food was excellent btw.

Tomorrow is going to be busy but I will try to write about day three as well, the day of cognitive dissonance.

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