2008-03-07 22:27 HAHA U LOOSE


I would like to chip into the conversation started in the previous blog entry, because we, the code squad, actually know the name for the described phenomenon.1 It's called "the syndrome of trivial in-betweens" ("triviaalien välivaiheiden syndrooma" for those who are in the know). It usually manifests itself e.g. in situations where two people make seemingly simple plans while being blissfully unaware of the reality. Left untreated, it may lead to epic fail and bitterness.

"Hey, let's climb Mount Everest! We'll just walk uphill until we reach the top! Piece of cake!"

"Hey, Mr. CTO, you want Tia to be able to sniff whether you have Wireshark installed in your path and then be able to launch it? Piece of cake!"

Piece of cake.2

-- jviide 2008-03-07 21:04:44

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  1. We're on a roll! Remember the previous, by now ubiquitous, expression "exponential nag-off" coined in this blog? (1)

  2. Right. We had a long-standing problem with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable when launching external programs. Slougi fixed that just a while ago with a kludge-hack. Why kludge-hack? Because fixing it without either a kludge or a hack would be a mathematical impossibility! Grarh! (2)