2008-03-07 08:49 It Will Be Done In Two Days...


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have made a promise and before you know it you have bitten of a little bit more than you ORIGINALLY planned to chew, so to speak? Well I found myself in that place about 2 weeks ago. I had an assignment that I assumed was going to take me two days. Now it seems that either there has been some sort of time dilatation effect, or otherwise I have misled myself.

So let me impart some new found knowledge on to you with my hindsight bias about planning projects and assignments:

  1. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the goal. Behind every corner lurk the many trivial intermediate steps ready to bite you, just like trolls waiting on a bridge harassing you to complete more silly quests before they allow you to cross.
  2. Don't make promises before you have assessed the entire situation.....PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Abiding to these rules and you will not be left alone in unknown waters, trying to find a way back to shore while already being one week over due.

-- mikko 2008-03-07 09:43:22

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