2008-03-04 15:04 Exponential nag-off


The guys have been nagging to me to write about the new cookie system. I took a taoist approach, and finally Jyrki ?wrote about it instead. Tao abides in non-action yet nothing is left undone.

Speaking of nagging, I was coerced to sell the last bit of my soul and write a nagging screen if your Tia license gets expired mid-session. Yeah. I'm the one to whom you should send warm feelings when this pops up on your face.

The nag dialog isn't the end of the world and won't kill your session or anything like that. Except if there's a bug, which of course is unpossible. You can always push your luck, and you will be nagged to some later time. Keep pushing, though, and the delay between nags will get shorter.

I'm calling this behaviour exponential nag-off. That term has everything: There's the fancy-pants, highly scientific word "exponential", "nag-off" sounds rude for some reason I can't really put my finger on, etc. In short, I think my contribution to the future generations will be this very term.

And a nagging dialog.

-- jviide 2008-03-04 15:04:40

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