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2008-03-04 11:17 Cookie Monster


I believe it is Adam Savage from Mythbusters who likes to say "I reject your reality and substitute my own" (originally from the movie The Dungeonmaster). Well, we here at Clarified like to reject reality on a regular basis as well. Lately we have been discussing a lot about licencing models. Especially concerning the Clarified Analyzer licences, we began with the more typical ones; annual licences per user, then per usage, then some customisations to special cases. The problem is that we want to have something that is really simple, and we want to have something that is totally fair to use (we have seen some really outrageous licence schemes). There are some key questions that need to be addressed:

  • Who is using the software and are they also the ones who are paying for it?
  • Once you have found a good software tool, what are you actually paying for?
  • How do you control access rights and different types of licences?

Since we didn't find anything that suited our needs from the current reality, we decided to substitute it with our own. Enter Cookie Jar Licence Model - instead of buying a costly annual licence that you are unsure someone will actually use, you can buy some Cookies and use them whenever you feel the need. One cookie will give you access to Clarified Analyzer (and corresponding collaborative features) for 24 hours. You can have a few cookies for free (send us an email to sales@clarifiednetworks.com), or you can buy a bunch for your company and give it to your IT-support / Security / Auditing / Administration guys (and girls) to be used when there is a next good case for trying out our next-generation user-friendly analysis features.

In addition to this intuitive way to have an easy beginning to start using our tools, you can also have something we call Bottomless Cookier Jar Licence which is the perfect solution for bigger enterprises. Bottomless Cookie Jar is an annual licence where you can use as many Cookies as you like, and the next annual licence is based on previous year's consumption. This gives you hassle-free access to all the powerful features of our Collaborative Network Analysis tools for all staff (and even to your business partners) and gives good visibility to management about what is being done to advance your network infrastructure and administration and by who.

In a nutshell, with a Cookie Jar Licence you can make a purchase order very easily regardless of being part of the IT-support or General Management. Also, you can rest assured that you will only pay for the actual use of the software and you will have good visibility (supported by our collaborative features) to have good visibility about who is using the software and for what.

So, beware the Cookie Monster and please contact us for feedback and inquiries (we would also like to know how you like our new blog):

Hallituskatu 9 A 21 (for real cookies with coffee)
90570 Oulu


-- jyrki 2008-03-04 11:17:59

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