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2008-02-25 12:26 We've been YouTubed


While we have had success with our struggle against complex networks, our struggle with complex video codecs has not been so succesful. The problem is that we would need an army of mad scientists to systematically test all the possible codec combinations and how they work on different platforms.

But fortunately, there is YouTube, which is so widely used that most of our computers are already able to view videos from there. As an additional bonus, YouTube has lots of bandwidth and good availability. Of course being on the ?YouTube will hopefully also give us more exposure. The only downside is that the video quality is still quite poor although there are some tricks that can be used to enhance it a little bit.

I just uploaded the older videos to youtube. We'll post more videos with better authoring later. Have a look and feel free to comment!

-- jani 2008-02-25 12:26:43

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