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2008-02-24 10:47 Casting our screens


I've been searching for a decent screencasting software for OS X for a year now. I've been using Snapz Pro which has been good enough. However, Snapz Pro lacks some features I would need. For example, it would be nice if I could zoom to the key areas of Clarified Analyzer user interface while showcasing the features. Our friends at Codenomicon recommended Camtasia but unfortunately that is only for Windows.

I think today I found what I've been looking for. And I discovered it while sleeping! (Yes, we are working 24/7 to achieve the best possible results). I listen to podcasts as bed time stories and just when I was going to doze off I heard the fellows at MacBreak Weekly recommend ScreenFlow. It sounded so good that I woke up and downloaded the evaluation version of the software. I decided to postpone testing until next morning because there is no better way to start my Sunday than a fresh cup of coffee and evaluate a new promising software. Maybe now we are able to quickly create great Clarified Analyzer examples for you people out there!

ScreenFlow was extremely simple and yet it had the features I've been looking for. In half an hour I had my first test screencast which included zooming in and out of key elements and having the presenter face attached to the screencast. After one hour more testing I'm really optimistic about what we can do with this nice piece of software. The result can also be found from here (my apologies for my Sunday morning -look in the video).

-- jani 2008-02-24 10:47:08

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