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2008-02-15 08:54 Corporate Website meets OpenCollab ideology

Jani Kenttälä

We decided to start using our Collab infrastructure for our corporate website as well. This is the first setup available to the public. It has been a challenge to make the moinmoin infrastructure meet our security standards. It's not quite there yet so we need to put some extra effort on monitoring and isolating it from our production infrastructure.

On the positive side, in just a couple of days there have been more edits and updates to our web page than in the past 1.5 years combined. And we are collaborating on the content! 12 Thanks to the collab-infrastructure, I will instantly get a message informing me that my blog page changed. And I can check the changes like this. We (and our clients) can also check recent changes easily from the RecentChanges -page. It is interesting how small things like these make a huge impact on the productivity of the people working on and with the content. I would 'never' go back to the old world of the dead views, welcome the living views!

-- jani 2008-02-15 08:54:14

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  1. Slougi just informed me that he had fixed my typos from my previous blog. (1)

  2. I just fixed some typos here as well ;) -slougi (2)