AbuseHelper Starter Package

AbuseHelper is a modular, scalable and robust framework to help you in your network abuse handling. An AbuseHelper network is built of small independent worker drones ("bots") that communicate and coordinate over a distributable messaging infrastructure (XMPP, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).

Clarified Networks is the main developer of AbuseHelper. We can provide your organization help on the basic configuration and setup of the AbuseHelper infrastructure:

The AbuseHelper Starter Package contains two on-site days with Clarified Networks' abuse handling experts. On the first day we will set up the infrastructure, while the second day is used to tailor the basic built-in functionality for your needs.

Contact us at contact@clarifiednetworks.com.


As AbuseHelper is highly modular it can be customized and extended to integrate with your existing systems. Some example scenarios are:

Contact us at contact@clarifiednetworks.com.