"But incident coordination is not an easy task, as you must keep track of many details and at the same time keep control over who has access to what information. Two tools that exist that are designed to help teams with incident coordination are AbuseHelper and Palantir. [...] The two previously mentioned frameworks could be seen as starting points from which teams can build their competency." - Damir Rajnovic in the article Who’s Performing Computer Incident Coordination?


AbuseHelper is a product for collecting and sharing intelligence on suspected malicious activity. Monitoring abuse feeds gives you a near real-time capability to observe and react to internal and external threats which affect you and your customers. AbuseHelper produces actionable reports and helps you gain an overall situation awareness on Internet abuse.

Typical users

AbuseHelper is already being used by several organizations from both governmental and private sectors, including CERT-FI, CERT-EE and BELNET CERT. See who else is using AbuseHelper: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Abusehelper#Community


Community Effort

Developed under the permissive MIT open source license, AbuseHelper is constantly getting better from real input from its users. But it's not all about just software. Common tools, terminology and a growing community help to share information and know-how across organization boundaries. Let's not reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Check out the AbuseHelper source code repository for more information: https://bitbucket.org/clarifiednetworks/abusehelper



AbuseHelper is a modular, scalable and robust framework to automate your abuse & incident data collection and reporting.

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