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[[People| > Get to know the people]] who put their heart into delivering the best products and services.

About Clarified Networks

Clarified Networks is now a part of Codenomicon Group. Codenomicon Oy is known for its innovative products and services that secure network equipment, software, complex systems and critical infrastructure against unknown vulnerabilities and rapidly changing threats. Clarified Networks Oy, a fully owned Subsidiary of Codenomicon Oy, is a pioneer in collaborative analysis, reporting and visualization of events related to abuse, incident and critical infrastructure.

Clarified Networks provides tools and services for collaborative analysis and visualization of complex events and systems. Our first commercial tool Clarified Analyzer was born in 2002 to meet the demand for system discovery based on real traffic. Our early application scenarios were in traffic audits and reverse engineering of complex ICT services.

These scenarios are not surprising since our roots are in the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG), famous for its pioneer work on the software quality and tackling security problems. Today our solutions are helping our customers in analysis, visualization and situational awareness over a wide range of network traffic, security and critical infrastructure related events (Clarified VSRoom).

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> See the visualizations we have produced in the past.

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